PHOTOS: Wanlov the Kubolor wore a suit and social media users are seriously feeling him


    Wanlov’s brand has always been associated with everything quirky and alternative, top on the list is his dislike for wearing trousers and shoes.

    He is a nudist at heart and has even gotten himself in a few controversies through the exposure of his private parts in public. (Remember the Delay Show Saga??)

    Known as the African Gypsy for his “fiercely independent style” with regards to music, fashion and lifestyle, Kubolor is one who never shies away from creating shock and raising eyebrows wherever he finds him.

    And he’s outdone himself once again after a photo of him in a dandy grey suit with black shoes popped up on social media on Sunday.

    The rare sight of him in full clothes has sent shock waves all over social media and people can’t really wrap their heads around it.

    What Really Happened

    Wanlov who wears many hats in the arts, was cast to play the role of Mr. Engelmeyer in The Seamstress of St. Francis Street, a stage play about about 2 women who were raped by their uncle as they grew up. In the play which took place over the weekend , Wanlov is an African American rep from Spanish fashion house, Balenciaga who tries to hoodwink local talents through unscrupulous means.

    Social Media Reaction

    We are not sure if he succeeds but one thing we are sure of is how dapper and ostentatious he looks. The photo which was tweeted on micro-blogging site, Twitter, by the play’s account, Drama Queens Gh, where Wanlov himself is very influential currently has over 67 tweets with several mentions by Netizens.

    Below are a few tweets expressing shock and amusement at Wanlov wearing clothes.

    This user wants people to retweet for Goodluck

    We hope we get an American Visa when we Retweet this one

    Most people will be there because Wanlov will be in a suit

    The End is really at hand

    After this powerful look we think we should change his name from Kubolor to Wanlov The Cool Brother.