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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Police arrest alleged fraudster


Ghanaian security officers have allegedly arrested one Abu for allegedly framing innocent people up to pursue his personal agenda.

The Lebanese resident in Ghana is accused of using his connections within the Ghanaian Security establishment to harass his fellow countrymen living in the country.

He was arrested last Saturday 23rd May, 2020 by the special Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department, (CID) but has since been granted bail.

However, he’s been reporting at the police station daily as investigations continue.

Some members of the Lebanese Community in Ghana have raised concerns about some activities of Abu.

They argue that he boasts of his influence peddling status in the security establishment and he believes that makes him “untouchable and irrepressible”

According to a source, Abu allegedly misled personnel of the Ghana Immigration Service and the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) to arrest a renowned Lebanese businessman and others on false charge of arms dealing and terrorist acts.

He allegedly made the false reports to the GIS and the BNI after the Ghana Police Service ignored similar reports.

The alleged false charge led to the detention of one of the businessmen in the BNI cells for three days and four days at the Ghana Immigration Service.

On May 2, 2020, Abu allegedly managed to convince the Accra Regional Police Command to raid the house of a fellow Lebanese and his family at dawn on mere suspicion of hoarding narcotics.

However, the police officers who undertook the operation found nothing incriminating in the Lebanese’s house and therefore released after being detained for a few hours at the Regional Police Command.

Meanwhile, sources at the National Security say the alleged activities of Abu have been on their radar for a while and were making plans to deport him until his arrest last Saturday.


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