Police arrest gang member connected with bank robberies in Accra

    The Ghana Police Service has arrested a member of the armed gang behind the robbery attacks in parts of the Greater Accra Region last week.

    Four broad daylight robberies were recorded in various parts of the capital. In one instance, the robbers opened fire, leaving a bystander with gunshot wounds.

    The robbers in the separate incidents made away with huge sums of money.

    Speaking on JoyNews’ news programme, Newsfile on Saturday, Acting Police Public Affairs Director, ACP Kwasi Ofori, said they are in the process of establishing the identities of the rest of the gang.

    He indicated that his outfit has set out an “eagle eye” on the gang and is gradually closing in on the robbers for security in the capital to be secured

    “Their [robbers] way of doing things have been properly established within our intelligence system, and we are using every available means to get them.

    “We’ve also distributed dossiers on them to our operational teams to make sure we get them, and we are coordinating these operations from national to regional to the divisional levels, and we can see this coordination working very well.

    “Even in one of the robbery cases that you’ve mentioned, we have made an arrest, and that person is under serious interrogation. In the coming days, might tell us what we are going to do,” he told host Samson Lardy Anyenini.

    ACP Ofori added that the police have re-examined their operational strategies to boost visibility at economic centers in Accra.

    “Massive deployment at strategic areas including economic areas is being looked at. We are also going to make sure that we strengthen our intelligence efforts, patrols, targeting these criminals and making sure that we get them,” he stressed.



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