Police Recruitment Process Need To Be Reviewed – Suhuyini

    Member of Parliament for Tamale North, Alhassan Suhuyini has called for a second look at how people get recruited into the Army and the Ghana Police Service.

    In his view, tackling the recruitment process is the first step in resolving the issue of deviant officers.

    His comments come after the Police on Saturday, April 2 said a man believed to be an officer in mufti who was captured in a video brandishing a weapon and attacking a motorist at along the Kasoa-Winneba highway, has been arrested.

    The man was seen allegedly slapping a motorist while brandishing his gun.

    The Police said in a Facebook post that “Reference the above, the person involved in attacking the motorist has been arrested and the weapon retrieved.”

    Speaking on the New Day show on TV3 Monday, April 4, Suhuyini said “we have to first of all tackle the issue of recruitment, get the recruitment right.

    “The second thing is in-service training. After the recruitment, what is the nature of training given to them to remind them of the code? And then we can now talk about issue of motivation

    “We need to revisit the way we recruit people into the security. In the past it wasn’t easy for people to going into the Army or Police like people do now.”



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