Police were ‘prepared’ to arrest Will Smith after slapping Chris Rock, Oscars producer says

    Oscar’s producer, Will Packer  said the police were ready to arrest Will Smith after Smith slapped Chris Rock on the Academy Awards Stage.

    In his first interview since Sunday’s event, Will  Packer said officers asked Rock if he wanted them to take action.

    ”We will go get him. We are prepared to get him right now . You can press charges” they said , but the star was ” very dismissive” of the idea, Packer told ABC TV.

    In the interview with Good Morning America on ABC TV, Packer said he was told that the Academy leadership was preparing to remove Smith from the awards ceremony but told them that Chris Rock didn’t want that to happen.

    Smith strode from his front row seat onto the stage and slapped Rock after a joke Rock made about smiths wife , Jada Pinkett Smith , when he was on stage to present  Oscar for best documentary.




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