Polish minister warns Belarus border crisis could last months

    Poland has warned that the migration crisis along its border with Belarus could continue for months as the situation continues to deteriorate on the European Union’s eastern frontier.

    Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said on Wednesday that it was necessary “to prepare for the fact that the situation … will not be resolved quickly”, with thousands of asylum seekers and refugees seeking to enter the EU currently stranded in freezing conditions between the two countries.

    “We have to be prepared for months; I hope not years,” Blaszczak told Poland’s Radio Jedynka.

    Blaszczak said attempts to cross the border, which have been met resistance from thousands of Polish security forces amassed in the region and barbed-wire topped fencing along the dividing line, continued overnight.

    The Polish border guard service said there were 161 crossing attempts on Tuesday, including “two forceful attempts”.



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