Politicians in charge of security is an archaic strategy – Kumadoe

    Security and Fraud Consultant Richard Kumadoe, has entreated the President to rescind putting politicians like District Chief Executives(DCEs) and Municipal Chief Executives(MCEs) in charge of security in the local jurisdictions within the country.

    To Mr Kumadoe, this approach towards security in the country is an ‘archaic’ strategy because oftentimes they are the same culprits behind many of the chaos in the country, such as has happened in Ejura.

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    He has therefore fingered the Municipal Chief Executive(MCE) of Ejura as the one behind the upheaval in the area since his ‘boys’ have been picked up by the Ejura police as suspects in the ongoing investigation into the death of Anyass Ibrahim.

    Mr Kumadoe added that since the MCE’s ‘boys’ are being arraigned before court, it means the police have concrete evidence against them but their boss is nowhere to be found in the enclave which is in his jurisdiction, that makes him complicit in the matter.

    He said this in an interview with Johnnie Hughes on the New Day show on TV3 which was monitored by Ghana News Page, Wednesday, June 30.

    Mr Kumadoe was commenting in the wake of the Upheaval in Ejura, a suburb of Dagombaline in the Ashanti Region as a result of the gruesome murder of the #FixTheCountry campaigner Anyass Ibrahim that ensued in a protest by the youth in the area leading to the security forces using live bullets to disperse the crowd. Which ended up killing two persons and wounding four others in the process, on Tuesday, June 29.


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