Popular singer removes pants on stage to receive ‘fresh air’

    Popular South African Singer, Zodwa Wabantu, is on the lips of netizens again after she created a scene during her latest performance.

    As the atmosphere in the auditorium got charged, Zodwa saw it as an opportunity to get a highlight for the performance.

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    Despite wearing a see-through black dress, she stripped off her white pants, exposing her private part to public glare.

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    The reason, she said in her

    language, is to “receive fresh air as the auditorium was filled with heat.”

    She received cheers from the male fans pegged at the front row as they keenly watch the ‘free show’.

    Zodwa is known for exposing her nudity or performing X-rated content on stage.

    Barely two weeks ago, she was chastised for allowing a male fan to inappropriately touch her private part on stage while she performed.


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