Preaching the Gospel alone cannot change the minds of people – Bishop Benny Wood

    President of the Concerned Clergy Association of Ghana, Bishop Prince Benny Wood has said Christians cannot use only preaching the gospel to change the minds of the people with how fast the world is changing.

    The renowned preacher was expressing concerns about issues surrounding the LGBTQ+ bill which has recently created debate among some groups of people including Lawyers, Politicians, and other Non-governmental agencies.

    Speaking on Nkawkaw based Agoo Fm, Bishop Prince Benny Wood noted that the most powerful and dangerous group in the world is the LGBTQ+ adding that Christians must act fast to stop that group.

    According to him, the more the bill is discussed, the stronger LGBTQ people become.

    He noted that whereas Christians are unable to use money to push their agenda, other religions do.

    Bishop Benny Wood said, the LGBTQ groups in America, Europe, and other continents do not write memos, they use their money to advance their goals.

    “We Christians have money, for instance, let Christian Council set up one billion dollar fund to support the MPs so that they will not go to the LGBTQ+ areas for money if we cannot succeed in this fight.

    “This is about activism, not compassion or talking. Christians must take control and support even assemblymen. Christians are not ready to sacrifice. The LGBTQs are a small number of people but they don’t care using their money to achieve their goals.”

    He added: “I am a man of God and I keep saying this, one of the reasons why Christianity is weak in the world is because all other religions use money to push their religion but we Christians use our religion to push money. That’s the problem, we’re not ready to sacrifice.” He told Hostess Obaahemaa Yaa Mirekua on Thursday 7th October 2021″

    Bishop Benny Wood said “about 98% of the 275 MPs are Muslims and Christians yet two people are fighting for the bill.

    “LGBTQ+ is not just about the sexual aspect. It can make and unmake government thus it controls all professionals, they have collapsed Churches, they have caused Pastors to resign, put Pastors in jail, we dirty ourselves to stop them,” he added.



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