Pregnant Women At Higher Risk Of Contracting Malaria


    Fetus Kojo Acquah who works with the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research has said that World Malaria Day is being celebrated, because malaria is still a problem.

    He gave some statistics about the Ghana situation.

    “Five million people had malaria in 2020 and 275 people died of malaria in 2021”.

    Mr. Festus added that children between five and 15 years, as well as pregnant women are at higher risk of having malaria, due to their low immunity.

    He advises the public to get tested at a clinic, anytime “there are signs of feverishness”.

    He also added that pregnant women were at increased risk of contracting the mosquito-borne disease which claims a lot of lives in Ghana and across much of Africa.

    Every April 25 is observed by the United Nations as World Malaria Day.