Prince Philip’s funeral to be at Windsor Castle on April 17

    Prince Philip’s royal ceremonial funeral will take place April 17 at Windsor Castle, a slimmed down service in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic which will be entirely closed to the public.

    Philip, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh, took part in planning his funeral and the focus on family was in accordance with his wishes. The 99-year-old duke, who died Friday, also took part in designing the modified Land Rover that will carry his coffin.

    Prince Harry, who stepped away from royal duties last year and now lives in California, will attend the service along with other members of the royal family. His wife, the duchess of Sussex, who is pregnant, has been advised by her doctor not to attend.

    The number of mourners will be limited to 30, with Buckingham Palace stressing that the service will be held in line with COVID-19 restrictions, meaning members of the royal family including the queen would be expected to wear a mask.



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