Provisional results of 2021 Census out on Wednesday

    Ghanaians will this week know the provisional results of the 2021 Population and Housing Census.

    It is the first time the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) is releasing the results within three months after the country went through the exercise.

    The GSS has attributed this to the digitization of the census process.

    Government Statistician Prof Samuel Anim disclosed at a press conference “in the release document we have six core products that we are going to release and other eight products that were going to release as well.”

    “So, we going to start these releases with the results that we are going to release on the 22nd of September, 2021 which is going to give us the provisional figures that we’ve so far seen from the  2021 population and housing census.”

    He went on “this will be followed by a residential proximity to essential services report which has been scheduled for the 18th of October 2021, and in this report, we are gonna get a sense of how residential units are clustered amongst themselves, how farther away they are from essential services and across essential services, how they are farther away.”

    “In November, when we are celebrating the African Statistics Day which is a week-long activity, we are going to release the final and detailed figures for the 2021 population and housing census. In this release, we are going to share with you the final figures as we’ve seen in terms of the data that we’ve collected and the information that we’ve received from our pops enumeration survey.”

    “With the release that we going to do next week 22nd, we’re gonna send the analysis at the regional level. On the 18th November release, we’re going to end the analysis not only at the regional level but at the district level as well. And the further dimension into the general report is we gonna give information on the other ten modules that we have in the 2021 population and housing census. These are the three products that we going to release for the year 2021.”

    Prof Samuel Anim also indicated that the service will engage MMCE’s and other stakeholders to disseminate the findings.

    He said, “next year we are going to run concurrent sections where we are going to release our thematic reports, we are going to release our analytical reports.”

    “We are going to put out our census which will essentially give us a geography analysis both from a static and a dynamic point of view. And these activities are going to run over a two year period and we are pretty sure that we are going to have further engagements with Ministries, Departments, and Agencies as well as the MMDA’s to get into details on the data that we need for our development.”




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