Radio Gold owes NCA GHS61,330,000; faces shutdown


    Radio Gold 90.5FM owes the National Communication Authorities (NCA) as penalty for failing to renew its authorisation which expired on 06-09-00.

    The NDC-affiliated station was authorised by the NCA on 7 – 09 – 95 but since its authorisation expired in 2000, it has failed to renew it.

    Radio belongs to the Network Broadcasting Limited.

    According to the NCA, Radio Gold is one many FM stations that defaulted in their renewal and have been requested to submit their omitted renewal documents and pay their respective fines in accordance with the authority’s gazetted schedule of penalties which states that: “Failing to submit to the Authority in a manner and at the times as may be reasonably requested, documents, accounts, estimates, returns and other information that may be required under the Authorisation and in general give the Authority’s inspectors the necessary facilities to carry out inspections of the communications system shall attract a penalty of GHS10,000.00 each day the infraction persists”