Radio presenter sacked from passport office for wearing ‘short’ skirt


    Radio and television presenter, Caroline Sampson has recounted a bad experience she had when she visited the passport office at Ridge in Accra earlier today.

    According to a tweet she put on her twitter handle, she was prevented from entering the passport office at Ridge in Accra because they claimed her skirt was short.

    “I go to the passport office at ridge to take a picture and they don’t allow me in. Why? My dress is short,” she tweeted.

    In an interview with citi FM, she explained what really transpired at the office when she went there to take pictures this morning.

    “When you get to the Ridge office, there is a bigger gate that allows cars to enter. Even with that there was another man there giving us all the attitude because he didn’t want us to enter. He asked us to go park somewhere and then walk to the place. And then there is a little room on the right part just by the gate and then there were plenty people in there. And I was with the man who was taking us in to go take the picture,” she said.

    “Just when I was about to enter the main room, there was a guy at the entrance. He was looking at me – kinda checking you out sort of thing. But I wasn’t in the mood because at I had earlier gone to the Registrar General’s office where the passport office is because I didn’t know of this one. Then when I got closer to him he was like I wanna marry you.’ So when I took a step, then one guy pulled me back and said I could not go in because my skirt was short,” Caroline told Citi Showbiz.

    Caroline said she was annoyed because she was not wearing a short dress. According to her, her dress was not indecent and had expected that the office would make clear which types of dress are indecent.

    It is believed that it is one of the regulations at the office. This however, has starting stoking controversy as to what constitutes decent dressing or indecent dressing.

    This is how Caroline dressed to the passport office

    Caroline started radio in November 2006 with Atlantis Radio, an Accra based radio station. She later hosted a television programme dubbed ‘You Win Game’ on Ghana Television.

    She was later invited by TV3 to host the Hitz Video show. While on that show, she landed a job with Citi FM. At Citi, she is the host of a talk show called Room 973, which is aired from Monday to Wednesday between 10 a.m. and 12 noon. She has also worked with Live FM and currently with Y FM.

    The sassy presenter, was one of the finalists of Miss Malaika 2005 and after her inability to win the crown, she again participated in the Top Model Ghana contest in 2006. After that event, she started modelling on a full time basis. She had modelled for world class, as well as local designers including Ozwald Boateng, Kofi Ansah, Nana Asihene and House of Eccentric.

    She has also run adverts for products such as Menthos, Men’s Only perfume, Gino Tomato paste, among others.

    In music, Caroline had done some work with Asem (Pigaro), 4X4 (Hot Girls), Mimi (Leave Me Alone) and a cover of R2B’s ‘Life,’ with Yaa Yaa.