Ras Mubarak sends strong message to Minority over approval of E-Levy


    Former Member of Parliament (MP) for Kumbungu Constituency, Ras Mubarak, has blamed the leadership of the Minority in parliament for failing to deploy its parliamentary prowess to prevent the passage of the Electronic Transaction Levy (E-Levy) bill.

    In a Facebook post on Tuesday, March 29, Mubarak said the Minority had no excuse for not galvanising its members into the Chamber to vote on the passage of the levy, particularly, when the Majority managed to bring in a seriously ill Ahanta West MP, Ebenezer Kojo Kum, to participate in the passage of the Bill.

    He further praised the governing NPP for playing the game of politics better than the opposition NDC.

    He said: “politics is hardball and clearly NPP plays it better. The Minority’s claim is that one of its members was on his way from court, so they didn’t have the numbers.”

    The Majority in Parliament approved the E-Levy after the Minority walked out saying the tax is a tool to exacerbate the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian.

    Tuesday’s decision was reached after the Consideration Stage was completed under a certificate of urgency.



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