Rawlings does not listen to wise counsel – Victor Smith


    Former Ghana High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Ireland, Victor Smith, has accused his former boss, Jerry John Rawlings of not paying heed to wise counsel given him by his peers.

    Former President Jerry John Rawlings is noted for his blunt criticism and swift response to issues. The current incident was when he criticized former President Mahama for continuously keeping him waiting at functions.

    Rawlings, who was speaking at the 36th anniversary of the 31st December 1981 revolution in Ho, expressed his disappointment in the fact that official programmes are held up in wait for Mr. Mahama before commencement.

    “He has not learnt the lesson of how not to be late for functions. Each time they keep me waiting just because of him. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t worry he will learn it,” he said.

    Speaking to Ekourba Gyasi on Atinka AM Drive, Victor Smith stated that, Mr Rawlings has resorted to bluntly throwing undeserving comments at peers meant to disrespect them.

    According to Victor Smith, the former President’s utterances are appalling, adding that there are several decent ways of expressing frustrations at issues and situations.

    He stated that, it was obvious that the former President does not listen to wise counsel offered him by people around give him.

    “Former President Jerry John Rawlings is the only President who uses public platforms to chastise and ridicule people, even his party people. He has attained the position of a headmaster who only chastises but refuses to be chastised,” he charged.