Rawlings NOT HAPPY in Heaven — Prophet

    The death of former President J.J Rawlings has opened the floodgates of prophecies and lies.

    All of a sudden, everyone has something to say about his death and how they say it coming plus a lot more of absurd comments.

    The latest is from the camp of Elisha Salifu Amoako, the founder, and leader of Alive Chapel International.

    According to him, he saw Rawlings in his dreams and he was not looking happy at all.

    He says that, Rawlings looked disturbed in his dreams because he was not at peace and he said he had not completed his service to Ghanaians.

    “I saw former President Jerry John Rawlings in my dreams and in the dream, he was not happy as he was dressed in white cloth just as an angle before vanishing into the skies. His worries were that he has an uncompleted mission and he is worried if Ghana will ever have a person of his persona and charisma”

    The former president died last Thursday at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital after suffering a short illness.

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