Register with NLA if you want to operate Lotto business in Ghana – Sammi Awuku warns


    The Director General of the National Lottery Authority (NLA), Sammi Awuku, has called on all private lotto operators in Ghana to walk into the offices of the authority and register with them if they seek to remain in business.

    According to the NLA Boss, the authority is currently on a mission to ensure that all lotto operators get registration licenses as part of the means to regularizing the sector.

    “Everyone who operates a lottery [business] must know that we have decentralized operations so they must go and pick forms at regional or district offices, they can also come to the head office for forms [to register with us]…,” he charged after a meeting with the leadership of Lotto receivers in Accra.

    Mr Awuku further explained that the decentralization also forms part of the process of ensuring that everyone lotto operators do not exceed their jurisdiction in the line of their work.

    “Anyone who seeks to operate nationwide or on regional basis will get forms that meet that criteria because we don’t want a situation where persons who have registered to operate in one region will be seen operating in another…,” he added.

    The NLA through its taskforce had been closing down some lotto kiosks across the country in a bid to clamp down in illegal operators in the industry; an action which the lotto receivers described as ‘very bad’.

    But Sammi Awuku maintained that the NLA’s taskforce will still be going round to clean the system of illegal lotto operators in the country.

    “Our taskforce will not go after those who have done nothing wrong, so we will tell them not to destroy lotto kiosks being used by illegal receivers, they should rather lock them and bring the keys to the office…,” he said.

    The meeting with the private lotto operators formed part of the means to helping arrive at a reasonable conclusion on the bonus structure of the NLA for lotto operators countrywide.

    It comes at the back of demands by some operators for the authority to adjust the 20% commission being offered them by NLA as according to them that is really not enough due to the recent economic conditions.

    The lotto receivers had alleged at a press conference held a fortnight earlier that their commission had been reduced by the current leadership of the NLA from 30% to 20%; an allegation which the NLA denied at the meeting with their leadership.

    A contractual document signed between the NLA and the PLOA showed that the commission for the operators had always remained at 20% and not 30% as has been erroneously been communicated at the conference of the receivers.

    Mr Awuku however communicated to the receivers led by one Mr Duah that it does not lie within his powers to determine the percentages to be given as commissions and hence will consult the board of NLA who set commissions.

    “We made it clear to them that the NLA has never given 30% commission…so it is erroneous for them to communicate to the public that their commission has been slashed and they agreed to this too…,” Mr Awuku said.