Report: 17,000 Ghanaian teachers fail promotional exams

    Over seventeen thousand (17000) teachers who sat for the maiden promotional exams have reportedly failed.

    Ghana to begin exporting teachers after licensure exams

    According to official results sighted by GhanaNewsPage, only 63% of the 46,486 who sat for the exams passed.

    Confirming the news on Starr FM in Accra, the Vice President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) Jacob Anaba said the questions did not appear difficult but practical.

    “According to the records 46,486 were shortlisted to write. Out of that number 39,469 passed representing 63.3%. Those who failed were 17,021 (36.7%). It came as a shock to us that only 63.3% passed. We thought this was going to help clear the backlog and bridge the gap but it looks as if it didn’t help.

    “The questions were not difficult but you needed to be practical and were more administrative stuff. If you were a teacher only based in the classroom, you were likely to face difficulties. We are going to investigate what happened and we are also asking the teachers to find out what happened. So we’re expecting that by next week, we’ll get some answers”.

    This is the first time teachers’ promotion has been based on an aptitude test in the country. Over the years, teachers have been promoted after passing an interview. The teachers were made to answer 75 objective questions within an hour.

    Teachers who failed the test stormed the offices of the Education ministry to protest demanding to see the marked papers to confirm their performance.

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