Residents send strong warning to govt over Fulani herdsmen

    Hundreds of Wusuta residents have given the government and the Inspector-General of Police one week to call the illegal activities of Fulani herdsmen to order or they take the laws into their hands.

    Some residents in the North Dayi District have lost their farm jobs due to the activities of Fulani herdsmen on their farms.

    Residents, who protested against the illegal activities of the Fulani herdsmen, said their livelihoods have been affected due to threats by the Fulani herdsmen.

    The best farmer for the North Dayi District, Festus Semanu Tsitsi, who lost over 80 hectares of farmlands with yam produce destroyed by the cattle, said he owes five financial institutions due to the destruction on his farmlands.

    According to him, one of his farm workers was arrested and detained by the police for killing cattle out of self-defense.

    Mr. Tsitsi noted that the issue of Fulani herdsmen terrorizing communities has been a headache for them for years now and the authorities and police have refused to do anything about the situation.

    He noted that he lost millions of Ghana cedis due to the destruction and there seems to be no hope coming from the authorities.

    His aged parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tsitsi, who spoke to Joy News, noted that the situation has become so terrible to the extent they sometimes find it difficult to feed.

    According to the residents, who went to the farms with guns and other weapons clad in red, over 200 hectares of farmlands have been destroyed by cattle owned by the Fulani herdsmen resulting in the loss of their farm produce worth millions of cedis.

    He, thus, called on the police to intervene to avoid chaos.



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