‘Resurrected’ lady passes on

    The twenty-six-year-old lady, whose death was falsely announced last Friday at Fadama in Accra, has eventually passed on.

    She died on Saturday, a day after the false announcement was eventually debunked.

    Zuweira Ahmed, resident of Fadama, was on admission at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and on a ventilator, her doctor having described her chances of survival as slim.

    She is reported to have collapsed and suffered a brain injury; she underwent a surgical procedure at the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital before being moved to the ICU at the same facility.

    When an aunt of hers broke news about her death without a medical officer’s certification, preparations were made for her burial.

    It was discovered, however, that, she was not dead after all, and the story changed to that of a resurrection, triggering discussions about the ‘miracle’ which had occurred.

    For those who saw in the story a ‘resurrection’, they were compelled to reverse their stance when the truth came out later that there was only a miscommunication.



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