Retired Old Woman in tears as Zoomlion Ghana forcefully claims her land

    Accra, Ghana, November 14, 2020//-Retired Ghanaian woman whose name has been given as Aunty Mary is calling on the government and people of Ghana to come to her aid as the nation’s sanitation giant Zoomlion Ghana Limited claimed a property she acquired from From the Toboase family years ago.

    According to Aunty Mary, she has been holding legal documents to the one acre plot of land situated at East-Legon close to the Starbite restaurant along the Motorway from 2005.

    She continued that recently Zoomlion also popped up from nowhere to claim the same land she had bought.

    The old aged Aunty Mary explained that she showed a document backing her claims and asked Zoomlion to do same but the company failed.

    The matter after few days of battling escalated to East Legon police station who requested for the documents possessed by both parties.

    Aunty Mary presented hers but Zoomlion failed again.

    The police then forwards the issue to court since both parties could not resolve the issues.

    But according to our sources, Zoomlion Ghana Limited has obtained the support of some military and police personnel from the police headquarters and are on the land building day and night on the property, while the issue has been referred to court.

    This has left Aunty Mary abandoned and wondering why Ghana Police and military who are mandated to act as security for all citizens rather protecting Zoomlion to build on the property.

    Another source added that Zoomlion Ghana is using political connections to bully the old lady and claim the land from her. But the family of the old lady has vowed not to give the land to Zoomlion,

    Ghanaweb/African Eye Report

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