Rotary club of Accra Airport holds 3rd Arise for polio eradication fundraiser

    The Rotary club of Accra Airport on Thursday October 22 2020 held the 3rd edition of the arise for polio fundraising breakfast meeting.

    This local initiative is to support the 120 million dollar pledge to support the polio plus project of rotary club international and to herald the celebration of the polio eradication day on October 24.

    The breakfast meeting brought to together members of the club partners and other donors from the business community in Ghana and officials of international organizations including UNICEF and the World health organization.

    In his Address president of the Rotary club of Accra Airport Nana Gyemfi Acheampong explained that the Rotary club’s determination of a polio free world has energized business organizations and government while adding that the arise for polio eradication program has made significant strides as Africa has now been declared free from wild polio infections. He However added that the breakfast meeting has been sustained to “constantly remind members of the club and our partners of the determination of Rotary international to eradicate polio” since in his view the world is not entirely out of the woods in fighting the disease.

    For her part Country representative of the world health organization in Ghana, Dr Neema Rusibamayila Kimambolauded rotary club of Accra for aligning with the global vision of the United Nations to eradicate polio. She noted that although significant strides have been made in the fight against polio a lot more ought to be done. In the Case of Ghana the WHO representative indicated that till date Ghana has recorded 31 cases of
    case of circulating vaccine derived polio type 2 adding that a. Total of 26 countries have been experiencing similar situations in recent times. She however noted that her outfit has partnered with the Ghana health service to ” conduct supplementary immunization activities against polio in all 260 districts in the country between September 2019 and October 2020 reaching about 6.2 million children who are less than five years”.

    9 Members of the Rotary club are expected to Converge later in Kumasi On October 24 to mark the world polio eradication day

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