Sack striking civil servants and replace with military – Prof Adei

    Economist, Prof Stephen Adei, is urging government to sack all striking members of the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG).

    According to him, the Association’s request for neutrality allowance is unacceptable and unethical.

    “It is the worse I can ever think of as someone who was in the public sector for 35 years. I can’t conceptualise it.

    “These are people who should be sacked and they can apply [again] or stay at home and I sure you that Ghana will be better off,” he said.

    The workers laid down their tools about a week ago to protest the non-payment of the controversial neutrality allowance.

    On Wednesday, the National Labour Commission (NLC) gave the Association two days to work out its issues with the government.

    But even before that deadline elapses, Prof Adei on JoyNews’ Upfront insists government should replace them with the military with the hope to lay them off permanently.

    “If I were government I would lock them out and then bring in the military to take care of emergencies,” he stressed.

    Though government has agreed to the demands of civil service workers, the Economist insists the move is tantamount to bribery.

    “They are acting like ‘I can demand my part of flesh’. I don’t think they can take Ghanaians for a ride to say that in the first place they have to be paid.  And for the government to have done that is wrong.

    “We are in a national crisis and life is difficult I have no doubt at all. But for the government to agree to pay this is bribery” Prof Adei added.



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