Salaries for Presidential spouses: Eric Adjei punches holes in Abronye’s suit

    Eric Adjei, Deputy Bono Regional Communication Officer for the National Democratic Congress ( NDC) has described  a suit by NPP Abronye challenging the legality of salaries for presidential spouses as a smart attenpt to shield president Akufo Addo.

    Eric Adjie comment comes after Abronye, Bono Regional Chairman of the NPP took to the supreme court to challenge the decision of presidential spouses being paid salary.

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    “You people should spare us your crocodile tears because we anticipated this useless gimmicks in the pipeline. You can not convince us that upon all your so called legal background surrounded with your Akyem Mafiase, none of you was able to know that the First Lady and Second Lady’s office does not fall within the purview of the Article 71 officeholders”  he said in an interview on Kingdom Fm which was monitored by Ghana News Page.



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