Samini is just a man with attractive lips but not my type – Stephanie Benson


    UK-based Ghanaian singer and performer Stephanie Benson has debunked rumours suggesting she dated musician Samini.

    According to her, Samini is a very attractive guy and despite them kissing on some occasions, he is not the type of man she would love to date.

    Speaking in an interview on the Delay Show, Stephanie Benson said, “Samini is just a good looking man with attractive lips but he isn’t my type. My husband is my type of man.”

    She said the perception that Black women who marry White men always cheat on their husbands is untrue as she has never cheated on her husband in their 29-year marriage.

    When asked whether her husband has no issues with her provocative style of dressing and the way she carries herself, Stephanie Benson retorted, “He knows that whatever I come back home to him. 29 years I’ve been married to him, I’ve never cheated on him,” she said.