Sarkodie among most sensible clients I’ve worked with – Cynthia Quarcoo Jumu


    Cynthia Quarcoo Jumu, an experienced banking and finance lawyer with an in-depth understanding of the African legal and business landscape has stated that of all the clients that she has worked with, sarkodie is probably one of the sensible one.

    ‘He is a model client, and I do work in other areas of law predominantly investment, banking etc and I will say that amongst all the clients that I have, he is probably one of the sensible ones’’, she disclosed.

    This was made known at the 7th edition of LEAD SERIES with Jay Foley as the host.

    When asked about how she resolved the Jennifer Lomotey issue, she said, ‘‘I can plead a fifth on that one, with client confidentiality, that we are waiting for the lawsuit and we are ready…hahahah no disrespect to anybody’’

    She said that being a lawyer to sarkodie isn’t a difficult but the most difficult part is ‘He is a pocket lawyer. And so he is not the type of client or artiste you bring a contract, you look at it and you tell him sign there’’

    ‘‘We have to go through a whole process of going through the whole line together. I actually like to do that too but sarkodie is very clued on. I have had instances where I would say that clause if fine but he will say see but…..’’

    Cynthia Quarcoo said, ‘It is always intimidating to work with people like that because you know that he would just accept something, you really need to know your stuff’.