Sarkodie shares details of advice Nana Ampadu gave him

    Rapper Sarkodie has joined the tall list of musicians who are mourning the demise of veteran Ghanaian Highlife musician, Nana Ampadu.

    In a tweet, the ‘Highest’ rapper, who has an unreleased song with the music maestro, remembered him as a man of wisdom.

    Listening to the recorded voice, Nana Ampadu asked Sarkodie to refrain from putting out his personal sentiments on social media.

    He also asked Sarkodie to avoid all the negative news that will be intended to drag his name through the mud.

    According to Nana Ampadu, it is always apt to avoid social media if one wants to maintain dignity and respect.

    Remember the advice I gave you. Don’t follow negative news on social media. If someone does anything to you on social media, brush it off because that is what will maintain your respect and that is how you will go forward. Do not let any pig rub themselves against you, he said.




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