Scammers reportedly sell plywood to unsuspecting victim as flat screen TV


    The sophistication with which scammers use to swindle unsuspecting victims these days is quite intriguing.

    They have advanced so much in their illicit trade that, sometimes, one can do nothing but marvel at how they pull off their acts.

    And they can now sell plywood as flat screen television sets.

    One such incident reportedly happened around in Accra recently.

    According to social media commentary on a photo of the alleged plywood sold as flat screen TV, the victim purchased it from some people around the Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

    After negotiating a price for the ‘TV set’ and getting it tested before paying for it, the victim got home only to realise what had been put in a box for him was a plywood which had been wrapped with black polythene with stickers looking like a brand new TV. is yet to ascertain the veracity of the story, but thought it was worthwhile to alert the general public.

    Indeed, scammers are capable of anything these days.