Shatta Wale in trouble for beating road contractor

    As we reported earlier, Shatta Wale stormed a construction site with some boys believed to be from Nima to deal with the contractor in charge of the road.

    The were several questions raised as to what exactly led to the Dancehall Artist taking such a harsh decision. Some claimed he was denied access to the road while there was another claim that he paid for the construction himself and was only angry because the work was supposed to be completed before his return from the US.

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    But all these allegations are not true, according to the Contractor identified as Kennedy Aqcuah.

    Speaking to Star FM in an interview concerning the unfortunate incident, he stated that Shatta Wale earlier requested extension of their work to his SM office but that will be a violation of their contract with the government, hence he was referred to Urban roads who are supervising the project.

    It seems this reply didn’t go down well with the 1Don leading to his action. Mr. Kennedy also confirmed he was slapped and after receiving some medical treatment, he will be taking the case to the appropriate authorities.

    “He sent someone to us on Saturday to tell us to extend the road to his office but we told them the length of the road and areas covered are contractual matters and not decided by the site workers. We asked them to pick the matter up with Urban roads who are supervising the project.”

    “We were working today when he (Shatta Wale) just drove past the roadblock sign and came through where we were working despite the fact that we had just laid the asphalt, and asked who was in charge, I went close to tell him I was in charge and before I could explain anything, one of the guys with him just slapped me and he was looking on. There were a number of guys on motorbikes with him,” the contractor said.


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