Some NPP Government Officials’ Behavior Is Reprehensible – Prince David Osei

    Prince David Osei, an award-winning actor, has labeled several officials in the current New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration as nasty.

    People vote for others to come to power out of respect and trust, according to him, so politicians and government officials must reciprocate in their efforts to prove that they are there for the people and not for their own selfish purposes.

    “When we elect you to a position of power, we respect and trust you, and we expect you to perform.” Although the president cannot do or see everything, waste of public finances and the behavior of some of the people we put in charge can be nasty.” This was stated by Prince David Osei in an interview with Kingdom FM Accra.

    The acclaimed actor went on to say that such people’s behavior makes Ghanaians who voted them into office feel sorry for them.

    “When you see that, you feel bad and wonder why these individuals are acting so badly.” Prince Osei wondered aloud, “Is it power-drunk, is it hubris, what is it?”

    In his interview, he also stated that some government officials’ behavior makes it appear as though they are there to make the government unpopular.



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