South Korea does not recognize Ghana as an English speaking country – ZINLERI Richard calls on Ghana government to intervene

    A foreign trade Liaison Officer based in South Korea, Richard Zinleri, has revealed that Ghanaians domiciling in South Korea are not considered for several job appointments and other internship opportunities.

    According to him, Ghanaians are overlooked because the country, South Korea, does not recognise Ghana as an English speaking country.

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    Mr. Zinleri who is also a branch Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Korea while speaking on the Lecture Hour show on Radio Universe 105.7FM called on the Government of Ghana to work on this as according to him this neglect is making life difficult for Ghanaians living and trading in the Asian country. 

    The man who has lived in South Korea for four years further revealed that South Africa is the only African country recongised as an English speaking country from the African continent.

    He further appealed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ghana government to intervene in this situation as the continuous sidelining of Ghanaians in that country is making life unbearable for them.


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