Spousal abuse: Popular Counselor now deaf in one ear after receiving hefty slaps from husband

    A popular counselor, Reverend Mabel Gemain has shared an emotional experience she is being battling for years after being victim of abuse in marraige.

    Rev Germain as she is known became a punching bag in her over 12-year marriage when her husband whom she could not name in an interview with Nana Yaa Konadu on Talk Life TV show decided to pounce on her at the least provocation.

    According to her, she was at the receiving end of several slaps from the man anytime there was a disagreement between the two; unfortunately, this happened in front of her children.

    “There were times that my husband could even come to a school which I was running and attack me in the school…yes, she could slap me in the presence of the school kids and some even felt sorry for me…,” she narrated.

    Interestingly, the man after assualting her physically would later approach her in a calm manner and ask for intimacy.

    “He will talk in a manner that you will think this is not the man who just while ago slapped me…but we still made love…,” she said.

    After the collapse of her marriage, the husband has denied her access to the fruit of that Union which is the children.

    All legal means to see the children but has proven futile.

    She is pleading with state actors to help her see her children as emotionally she is drain.

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