Stacy Amoateng is an evil woman who covers her deeds with Christianity – Mzbel fumes


    Mzbel was furious, I could tell from her mawkish voice.

    Before my conversation with Mzbel a few minutes ago, the last time I spoke to Nana Ekua Amoah was when I was in Ghana in September. We planned to meet but that could not happen.

    At a point in my online journalism life, Mzbel was a friend who could call anytime for great conversations and sometimes advice. She even had access to my private number. But things fell apart, over the usual—I wrote something she found unfavourable.

    Slowly, we seem to be building our fallen friendship, one stone at a time and therefore, it was not much of a shock to have heard her raging voice at the other end of the phone when I answered a call from an unsaved Ghana number.

    As the Igbos say, “the frog does not run in the afternoon for nothing, if something is not chasing it, then it is chasing something.”

    Mzbel was wielding an assault weapon—she was looking for a credible and reliable platform to voice out her sentiments, following an Instagram post by Stacy Amoateng, host of Restoration with Stacy.

    So she called GhanaCelebrities.Com, a platform she may disagree with on many levels but trust our reach and integrity to come to, when she needs to be heard—clearly and undiluted.

    In celebration of the third anniversary of her TV Show, Restoration with Stacy, Amoateng took to Instagram to somewhat resurrect a defunct feud between Mzbel and herself.

    She wrote: “Dear Lord, there are so many things I want to tell you. When this vision started, most people thought it was another tv show , but I always say NO, This is a ministry for God.”

    “Elohim, Restoration has come with its own challenges, pain, tears, betrayal even from some people who I used the platform to promote but they turned around to paint me black. Through it all, you said BE STILL.”

    “You told me how I felt was exactly how you feel anytime we let you down. This experience moulded me to be a better person and very careful of my relationship with you. I was hurt , I was broken and as much as I said it was okay, I wasn’t okay.”

    “For the first time in 3 years I am talking about this because I have finally gotten over it. I never spoke I didn’t want to say things I couldn’t take back.Mzbel I forgive you,” she added.

    Mzbel did not only find the fact that Stacy mentioned her name was unnecessary but also hypocritical–and didn’t hold back. In the about the 15 minutes’ conversation, she lashed out at Stacy, calling her a liar, an evil woman, a disease and a hypocrite.

    Asked whether she would want to patch her relationship with Stacy, Mzbel said that would never happen—in fact, she does not even need such a hypocrite who covers her diabolical deeds with Christianity in her life.