Stop Acting Like Cockroaches In Love-Sister Derby Fires Medikal & Fella Makafui In New Song ‘Kakalika Love’

    For those who still have doubts, this new single from Sister Derby titled ‘Kakalika Love’ should clear any form of doubt as she threw some shots at Medikal and Fella Makafui.

    In this new song, Sister Derby questions Medikal and Fella Makafui why they are hiding their relationship from the public and behaving like Cockroaches in love, who are scared to display their love publicly but hiding under the cloth of ‘bestie’

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    It seems, the African Mermaid, was hurt that Medikal lied to her when he knew he didn’t really want her and in the song she’s heard repeating; ‘Don’t lie to me if you don’t love me’

    She then warns Fella Makafui that, just as he was able to leave her for her, then he wil do same to her, so she should enjoy it while it last.

    Listen to the song below:


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