Stop ‘chopping’ railways money – Nana Kobina Nketsiah V fumes

    Paramount Chief for Essikadu Nana Kobina Nketsiah V has expressed utter revulsion at instances where funds devoted for the revamping efforts of the railways sector apparently end up in private pockets, thereby stifling the sector of the needed funds.

    “…go and read parliamentary things. They will vote a certain amount of money for the Railways and they will chop it and give us nothing,” he alleged.

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    He insisted that it is anti-Ghana for anyone to steal from the railways considering the role it played in the country’s emancipation efforts.

    “Anytime they talk about the railways, I go back to the meaning of Ghana, that if Ghana still has a meaning.…I’m feeling sorrow not because of anything but sorrow for what Ghana have become.”

    Nana Kobina Nketsiah V is disgusted about happenings in the country, intimating that Ghana has become “a country of corruption, anyone who comes will steal”.

    Speaking during a courtesy call on him by Minister of Railways Development John-Peter Amewu, the Omanhen observed that there appears to be a conscious effort by certain “elements to see the railways on its knees”.

    “…it’s part of this lack of nationalism, lack of patriotism to make sure that the railways come on board. We’ve gone to buy these huge trucks which damage our roads. If I were the President, I will mount a road barrier. Every car carrying Manganese, I will throw it away till the Railways is done.”

    Nana Kobina Nketsiah V continued: “It is our duty to make sure the railways get back on its feet. But look at us.…We will go and get a loan of 10 million, give the railways One million, meanwhile we will use the railways name.”

    According to him, all he desires is for the railways to become functional again in the interest of Ghana.


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