Stop giving your children Akan names – Northern Chief orders subjects


    The Paramount Chief of the Builsa Traditional area, Naab Azagsuk Azantilow, has expressed worry at the penchant of parents in his jurisdiction to give their children local names that are alien to their ethnic group.

    According to him, parents should endeavor to offer indigenous names that are identical with the people.

    Speaking during the annual Fiok festival of the area, Naab Azagsuk said, “the issues are many these days. If you get into our land, you will find out that parents are giving names which are alien to us to their children. Names like Kofi, Kojo, Kwame and the likes are names we now give to our children. This is not good”.

    He added: “Hence no one should give their children such names. We must ensure that our culture and heritage is preserved for future generations”.

    Naab Azagsuk’s comment follows concerns by some indigenes in the area over names being given to children. According to some of the residents, it is absurd to give your children a name that is not in tandem with the language spoken in the area.

    Indigenous names are strong symbols of identity among the various ethnic groups in Ghana.