Stop seducing men of honour just to cause their fall – Prophetess to Slay Queens

    The Founder and Leader of the Christ Calvary International Deliverance Ministry, Rev Lena Kankam has slammed females who seduce men of honour with their bodies just to disgrace.

    In a sermon at her church on Sunday, the woman of God could not comprehend why some women have made it a point to be ‘tempting’ men with their looks just to cause them to fall prey to them.

    “And when these men fall, then the same women who have no shame will be beating their chest boasting that they are the cause of the woes of the men, unfortunately some of them are married men and men of honour aspiring for bigger positions in the future…,” she preached to her congregation.

    Quoting from the Bible to back her claims, the woman of God further wondered why women have chosen to expose themselves in recent times and made ‘abnormal’ become ‘normal’ in recent times.

    “What happened to the ‘Obaa Sima’ tag that was given to women of substance by our forefathers and other good tags praising womanhood? Has the African child now been reduced to toys which expose ourselves on social media in the name of modernization? The question is: Who is controlling you, the African woman…,” she added.

    Her comments are in reaction to recent acts from some females who have through social media been disgracing men of honour particularly married men who they claim have had sex with them.

    Interestingly, some of these ladies who have no shame come out with a tall list of men, mostly married, that they have bonked over the past few years.

    And this, Prophetess Lena Kankam says ought to be condemned by all well-meaning Ghanaians.

    “When did we get to this stage? When did women throw away their love for a dignity and a dignified life and chose to rather proudly boast of sleeping around with married men? They did same to former Presidents and now they are repeating the same formula even without thinking they are somebody’s husbands and persons whose marriages are recognized by God…,” she said.

    Men of God, she said, have not been spared by these ladies ‘preying’ on men of substance in the country.

    She therefore called on women who have specialized in ‘trapping’ married men and men of honour with their bodies just to tarnish their hard won reputation to stop that as they would not escape God’s judgment.



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