Stop Stigmatizing My Children,They Don’t Have Aids-Joyce Dzidzor Mensah-(VIDEO)


    The former HIV/AIDS ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has pleaded with Ghanaians to stop stigmatizing her children.

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    “With the intervention of doctors during my pregnancies,my children were born without the virus so Ghanaians should stop humiliating my children,”she said.

    “How can my children be denied access to education because their mother has AIDS while the children of other HIV/AIDS patients are going to school freely?”she quizzed.

    According to Joyce Dzidzor,”My daughter’s headmaster dismissed her from school because he read about my status online and told me he cannot let my daughter continue mingling with other students.”

    “Ghanaians should let my children enjoy life like other kids do because they cannot suffer for the wrong I did,”she said


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