An unidentified member of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) has called on the members of the church to stop claiming they stand with the General Overseer of the church, Pastor Mensa Otabil in the banking saga.

The lady who writes with the pen name, ‘Myma’ called on the members to stop the hashtag as according to her, the leader of the ought to come out and tell the role he played in the collapse of ‘Capital Bank’.

Rev Otabil has come under a barrage of criticisms for supervising the collapse of the bank and also misusing a GHC 610 million bail out given the bank by the Central Bank, Bank of Ghana to stay afloat.

Read Myma’s write up below:

Myma writes:

Let me begin by saying that I am a proud ICGC member or disciple, anyhow you see it and I partook in the just ended forty days fasting and prayers, preceding our annual conference, Greater Works, led by our reputable General Overseer Pastor Mensah Otabil.

I love Dr Otabil for his level of wisdom and pursuit of knowledge. He speaks so much wisdom that I have prayed and tapped into this admirable ‘gift’ many times. His wealth of wisdom goes beyond spirituality to delivering speeches on leadership, poverty and entrepreneurship, to mention just a few.

One of my favourite of his speeches was on ‘Elections and Governance’. He talked about how we, as voters wielded the power to decide on who governs us and hold them accountable to their promises. He asked that we become very analytical of our leaders and not hesitate to change hands if we believe one party failed us as a nation. It was our civic right to be very objective devoid of political bias if our country is to develop. What words of wisdom!!!

I took his advice in good faith and today, I choose to apply the same virtues on an issue that involves him.

It is an open secret now that according to reports, management of defunct Capital Bank with approval from Board Chair Dr Otabil, diverted Gh 610 million liquidity support from BoG for other purposes that led to the collapse of the bank.

When I read this about three days ago, I knew that not only Dr Otabil but the church, ICGC would be under the spotlight. I knew that some ICGC members would liken the unfortunate incident to Jesus after He fasted for forty days and forty nights. I knew that some members would soon come up with ‘I stand with You and we stand with you mantra’ and I was not wrong.

So wait oh, let me try to understand something here. As a tax payer, my money is given to a bank insolvent to recapitalize and be in good standing. The bank does otherwise and fails but I cannot ask questions and hold leaders of the bank accountable? Obviously for the known reason. Because Dr Otabil, the Spiritual head of ICGC is involved. The man with so much prestige locally, nationally and Internationally. The man who has won many accolades and awards.

If what the report alleges is anything to go by, then I have issues with the management of the defunct bank. I don’t have any issue with Dr Otabil in his capacity as the spiritual head. But as then Board Chair, I have issues with his leadership style together with his team. Mind you, Dr Otabil as Board Chair acted in HIS CAPACITY AS AN ENTREPRENEUR AND NOT THE GENERAL OVERSEER OF ICGC. It is a dime a dozen now to see men of God now venture into businesses. But we need to be able to draw the line here. My Gracious!!! We need to distinguish when one personality acts in his capacity as a spiritual person and as against another role.

The pieces I have read on social media on the Integrity of Dr Otabil makes me wonder, if we can really hold truth to power. Flooding stories on how he helped people, supported their education et all. But did the report say that Dr Otabil is wicked and never helped anyone with his money? He has received many awards for his benevolent acts so yes we know and admire him for that. May God conitinue to bless him for that. Also, did the report say Dr Otabil is a fake pastor? So the, ‘I stand by you’ nu, I don’t get it, what does that one mean?

Can we per Dr Otabil’s advice on leadership be objective here in critiquing the issue. The issue at hand is a report of the recipients of which Dr Otabil is one. If you allege anything about me that is wrong, I would rant till everyone hears the truth. Has Dr Otabil come out to debunk the report as false? So until he does, we can only view the allegations as true.

And if it is indeed true, what is the point of ‘I stand by you’ nu. Whether he was misled by management like NADAA in the Ameri case or he knew about everything but as a business man believed they could invest in other ventures to derive more revenue and inject the money back into the bank is his own cup of tea. What has ICGC got to do with this one that we have to flaunt ‘I stand by you’ all over. I STAND BY YOU SEN. So if the then Board Chair had been any other person, would ICGC ‘faithful disciples’ stand with the person? Ooops and I nearly forgot, why are you not standing with Ato Essien? Abi he was the major shareholder and still a vibrant ICGC member.

Anyways, since we all have the choice to associate with who we want to, go ahead eh. Me too I have made my point. I will be fair and objective in my dealings with individuals and situations. Deal with the situation at hand ooh tonton. I hope though, that Dr Otabil himself comes out to speak on the issue so we know his side of the story too. I rest my case.

Have to iron my attire for church. By the way tomorrow is Traditional Day at my church, ICGC so you are all invited.