Stop wasting money on Black Stars – Akrobeto


    Outspoken Kumawood veteran actor, Kwesi Boadi aka Akrobeto has advised the government of Ghana to desist from wasting Money solely on the black stars.

    In a telephone conversation with Dr.Who of Hot FM, Akrobeto expressed his dissatisfaction with how both the previous and current government have neglected the movie industry and instead spends a lot of money on the black stars which is regarded as the flagship of the country.

    “The movie industry is the biggest body in the country, but all governments who have ruled this country haven’t paid much attention to it; and that’s very bad. If we waste money solely on the black stars, we can never move forward as a country”,Akrobeto told Dr.Who

    Akrobeto further revealed that; “People didn’t want to abandon their TV sets when we were doing concert party… people keep calling me but wouldn’t mention their names and ask me why we’ve stopped doing concert party – yes the movie industry plays a major role in the country. The government must therefore invest in the movie industry and other sectors like the music industry and stop wasting money solely on the black stars.”

    According to him, just one particular group of people can not make this country better, it takes a collective effort of several groups to build this country, so it’s only when the government focuses on all sectors that our country can really move forward.

    He continued: “To me, whether the country is good or bad i can’t deject my country so i will keep working hard to make this country a great one to positively impact our next generation”,

    Akrobeto shot to fame through the “Key Soap Concert Party” entertainment show and has featured on numerous Kumawood movies like “Bediahene”,’Ahenie,Ebedani and Agye Dabi.