Stop wasting money on tie wearers and train engineers and scientists – Methodist Minister to gov’t

    A Methodist Minister Very Reverend J. B Danquah does not understand why government is not investing enough money in engineering and science courses.

    He believes Ghana is producing many tie and trousers wearers who graduate and also call themselves unemployed graduates than scientists and engineers.

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    He advised that universities should not concentrate on producing more social sciences students like Sociologists to become tie wearers.

    Very Reverend J. B Danquah who is also a former Chaplain for the International Physicist Association says science, technology and engineering are the most productive sectors in every country now.

    He called on the Ministry of Education headed by Hon. Yaw Adutwum to massage the curriculum to help produce more technical students.

    “Why will you be investing and wasting money in producing tie and trousers wearers who will graduate school and also called themselves unemployed graduates, why not invest in engineering, technology, and science programs,” he quizzed.

    Speaking in an interview with Bayaga Fatawu, he expressed disappointment about the inability of the premier universities in the country like KNUST, UCC and Legon to produce a common vaccine despite the huge number of Professors and Doctors in their Pharmaceutical departments.

    “Many universities in Iraq, US, and other countries are doing amazing things, why can’t our universities do the same, I think Adutwum will have to do something about the curriculum,” he added.

    Reverend Danquah said when the nation was hit by the Covid-19 severely, the Health Minister Kwaku Agyemang Manu never thought about manufacturing vaccines in Ghana but redirected his attention to other nations for support.

    He said to worsen the case, the Minister ended up and stoked controversy by purchasing vaccines at a higher price.

    The man of God questioned why US with a population of about 300 million could vaccinate around 200 million of its citizens and Ghana just a little over 30 million has not even vaccinated more than 2 million people.

    Very Reverend J. B. Danquah admonished that all universities across the country should place keen attention on technical education.


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