Take 5 months deposit – John Dumelo offers rent solution

    For Ghanaians, a two-year down payment has been the bane of tenants. Parliamentary aspirant John Dumelo offers a workable solution to soothe all parties.

    John Dumelo keeps demonstrating his staunch commitment to providing solutions for the youth per his motto, “I dey for you.” Today, he presents all tenants burdened over the two-year upfront payment, a solution that seemingly works for homeowners.

    John Dumelo says, “Rent solution: Let landlords take 5 mths deposit first. Then they can receive monthly rent from the tenant. If anything happens to the property due to the fault of the tenant, they use part of the deposit to fix it. If the tenant misses one monthly payment, they deduct it from the deposit.”

    What do you think? Five months’ or two-year deposit?




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