Takoradi: 9-month-old pregnant woman missing


    A 28-year-old full-term pregnant woman has gone missing in Takoradi, Western Region.

    Josephine Simons was reported missing on Thursday, 16 September 2021.

    Mrs Simons, according to her husband Michael Simons, has been living with her mother since she is expecting a child.

    As part of her daily physicals, she went on a routine morning walk from the Amanoo road to the Paa Grant Roundabout area but did not return home.

    After her mother reported the case to the husband, a search team was formed and combed the major health facilities in the area suspecting she may have gone into labor and was rushed to one of the health posts but to no avail.

    In the course of the day, the husband told the local media that some strangers called his mother-in-law demanding a ransom so they release the heavily pregnant wife.

    The case is being investigated by the Takoradi police.

    Takoradi became infamous for the kidnapping and killing of some four young girls a couple of years ago.

    Their remains were later found in a septic tank.