Tamale Chief opposes attacks against NEDCo staff by youth

    The Tamale Dakoema, Nyab Dakpelana Fuseini Bawa, has warned youth in the Tamale Metropolis to desist from attacking any staff of the Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo).

    The caution was prompted by allegations that people are planning to attack the staff when they move into the communities to work. He said no one will be shielded if they are caught on the wrong side of the law.

    There has been tension in the Tamale Metropolis following the recent brutalities on some residents by the police after an illegal connection exercise by NEDCo. This subsequently led to the youth demonstrating among others.

    Addressing the media in Tamale, Nyab Dakoema said currently, activities have come to a halt at the NEDCo offices.

    Tamale Chief opposes attacks against NEDCo staff by youth

    “I visited the office yesterday and all the cars are parked there. No one is going in or out, so if there is a problem how can it be solved?” he asked.

    The chief said if NEDCo staff decide not to work, it is the general public that would suffer; adding that every activity needs electricity to be executed.

    ”Without NEDCo, we cannot eat because the grinding mill is using electricity, without NEDCo the mobile phones we are using we can’t use them and if there is a breakdown of a transformer anywhere we cannot repair,” the Dakpema said.

    He said NEDCo cannot survive if people continue stealing power illegally and admonished those owing to find a way of settling their bills.

    He said he has information that NEDCo staff in the coming days will continue with their exercise and called on residents to cooperate with the officials to enable them to execute their duties.

    Recounting Saturday’s demonstrations, he said it is disappointing the level of devastation caused by the demonstrators to the Lamashegu Police Station and the NEDCo offices.

    According to him, Tamale needs peace and people must learn to live in harmony.



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