Tamale residents defend Mayor as impeachment agitation gathers momentum


    Mayor of Tamale, Musah Iddrisu Superior, who is facing a possible impeachment by the Assembly has received one of the strongest backings since some assembly members petitioned the Presiding Member for his removal.

    At least 31 out of the 58-Members of the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) on Wednesday signed a petition to impeach the Mayor over claims of disrespect and some financial under dealings.

    In the letter to the Presiding Member, copied to the Coordinating Director he notified them of their resolution to pass a vote of no confidence against the MCE.

    He explained that they have lost confidence in Musah Superior, hence the need for a general assembly meeting to initiate his removal from office.
    The Assembly Members claim the MCE has been awarding contracts without due process, thus their moves to impeach him.

    They further accused him of taking critical decisions without prior approval of the Assembly, and lying or withholding information from the Assembly members, and by extension from the people of Tamale.

    But the residents addressing a press conference in Tamale say calls for the Mayor’s impeachment on the grounds of the allegations are not enough to merit their support and they must rescind it.

    “The Salamba Community is not part of what our Assembly Member has signed. We have our reasons for saying that.

    “He is our representative in the document they signed, they claim that the Mayor does not include them in some of the decisions taken at the Assembly and that is the reason why they are asking for his impeachment,” they said.

    According to them, the Assemblyman has not consulted them to deliberate on the action he wants to take to come out with his impeachment decision.

    Meanwhile, Musah Superior has rubbished the allegations leveled against him by the Assembly Members.

    In a Facebook post, he said the allegations were baseless and “absolutely false.”

    “I run an open office and work with everyone cordially. I tour electoral areas with them in my connect with the communities tour.

    “My information is that this is the first time a Tamale MCE has worked so prominently in our communities. I am proud of my relationship with the grassroots,” he added.