TB Joshua’s Ministry did a lot of damage – Nigerian Journalist

    Nigerian broadcast journalist and media personality Sandra Ezekwesili has attacked the legacy of the Late Prophet TB Joshua. She called him an irresponsible leader who was toxic and exploitative

    Sandra Ezekwesili (OAP) took to her official Twitter handle to call out the ministry of the late Prophet TB Joshua. According to her, he was an irresponsible leader who did not walk in the footsteps of Christ. She wrote, “ TB Joshua was reportedly ill and went to the hospital. Did he teach his numerous followers to try hospitals and not abandon their medications for his holy water and anointing oil? His ministry did a lot of damage. Any conversation that doesn’t include that is dishonest.”

    “I said what I said. Man was irresponsible as a leader, did not walk in the footsteps of Christ. And his ministry was toxic and exploitative. Death doesn’t erase that. I had nothing good to say about him while he lived, I won’t start now because he is dead,” she continued.

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