‘Thank you for upholding our right to education’ – Achimota Rasta student to Judge

    One of the two Rastafarian students who was denied admission to Achimota School because of their dreadlocks has expressed gratitude to the court for upholding their right to education.

    Speaking to the media after the final ruling, the student, Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea, said he is very happy at the ruling and is looking forward to go to school.

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    “I am really grateful for the court decision and hoping to go to school…I felt I was really lagging out but I believed the court will rule for us…,” he said.

    The Human Rights Division of the Accra High Court has ordered Achimota School to admit the two Rastafarian students.

    Over two months ago, Achimota School refused to admit two students with dreadlocks Tyron Iras Marhguy and Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea due to their refusal to cut their dreadlocks.

    The two students were posted to Achimota School by the Computerised School Placement System but the school authorities claimed it is against the rules of the school to admit students with dreadlocks.

    The father of one of the boys who were denied admission into Achimota School has said that the family is still yet to decide whether to take their children to Achimota School despite the Court ruling ordering the school to do so.




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