Stakeholders and the citizenry of Asamankese have expressed their profound gratitude to the Municipal Chief Executive of West Akim, Hon Seth Oduro Boadu.

The praises are pouring in from all angles as a result of his swift response to addressing the challenges that confront the inhabitants of the municipality.

As an accomplished educationist, he’s of the view that, education is the panacea for the challenges facing our nation. He has therefore made education one of his topmost priorities in his developmental agenda for the Municipality.

The fencing of Asamankese Community kindergarten school is one of the numerous fence wall projects he embarked on which did not only serve as protection for the kids but also secured land from encroachment for future development.

Other benefits that was accrued as a result of fencing the school among others include; the prevention of drug peddlers and weed smokers from using the compound.

Again, the provision of the fence wall has prevented the Children from loitering about aimlessly on the main Street where they can easily be knocked down by moving vehicles since the school is close to one of the main roads in the town.

More importantly, it has also prevented the market women and traders from using the place as a refuse dump and area for open defecation which have dire health implications on these kids.

Furthermore, mentally challenged persons were also frequenting the school during contact hours which was of great concern to us. As a believer is the philosophy that ‘’Children are the future of our country ‘’ he has ensured that issues of education and skills development are prioritize in the development plan of the Assembly.

The construction of the Fence wall has addressed all the challenges enumerated above which has led to a serene, clean, peaceful and conducive environment for effective teaching and learning.

It is imperative to note that, similar projects have been executed in Amako , Awaham , Asamankese Anum CHPS compounds and the health personnel’s in these facilities has expressed their gratitude to the Municipal Chief Executive and Government for providing a conducive working environment for them and promised to work assiduously to enhance health delivery in the West Akim Municipality .

The municipal Chief Executive has been commended for his Proactive leadership by all stakeholders and they encourage him every day to make Asamankese a better place by leaving an indelible mark.


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