The Judiciary Is Not Above Criticism – Asiedu Nketia

    Hon. Johnson Asiedu Nketia has assertsd that the Judiciary, like parliament or the Executive is not above criticism.

    The General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress ( NDC), Johmson Asiedu Nketia in a press confress today June 21,2021 said the National Democratic Congress are concerned at the seeming judicial dictatorship that is fast festering under the current Chief Justice an unwelcome developement which threatens free speech and could undermine our justice system.

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    Hon. Dr. Dominic Ayine, the NDC Member of parliament for Bolga East also chairman of the subsidiary Legislation Committee of Parliament, after suprem courts judgement over 2020 Election Petition said his hopes about the independence of the judiciary was dampened by the way and manner the court failed to apply the law and judicial precedent in dealing with some interlocutary applications of the petitioner.

    This statement of Dr. Ahine makes Chief Justice Kwasi Anin- Yeboah seeking to have disciplinary action taken against Hon. Ayine.

    In this case, Hon. Johnson Asiedu at the press conference said the opinion expressed by Dr. Ahine does not violate any rule or professional conduct rules for lawyers and demand that the chief Justice withdraws his petition against Dr. Ahine.

    ” Judicial vanity is a threat to justice and must not be countenanced in any democracy, the Judiciary is not above criticism” he said.


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